The legendary 20th Century Fox studio ceases to exist

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The legendary 20th Century Fox studio ceases to exist

20th Century Fox, one of the most recognizable brands in media entertainment history, has officially ceased to exist.

Disney announced earlier this week that it would be rebranding one of its television studios, 20th Century Fox Television. It is known that words «Century» and «fox» disappear from the new name. Renovated studio will be named 20th Television.

A similar picture was observed with the same name film studio, which since January this year is simply called 20th Century Studios. As a reminder, last year Disney completed a $ 71 billion deal to acquire many of Fox’s assets.

The well-known logo and splash screen where the studio’s name is illuminated by spotlights will remain the same minus the excluded words.

Actual logo and graphics will appear in new media projects of the studio, starting this fall. Movies, shows and series that aired before the rebranding will retain their original logo and name.

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The legendary 20th Century Fox studio ceases to exist

Disney excludes «Fox» of all its names as it can confuse consumers. The rest of Fox assets such as Fox Entertainment, Fox Sports and Fox News are part of the Fox Corporation, which has no affiliation with Disney..

Disney will also rebrand its other TV studios with new names and graphics.. This includes changing ABC Studios and ABC Signature Studios to ABC Signature, and Fox 21 Television Studios will become Touchstone Television.

«Our new studio names and logos herald a new day for ABC Signature, 20th Television and Touchstone Television, bringing together their rich history and the creative power of the Walt Disney Company», – said in a statement Craig Hanegs, president of Disney television studios.

20th Century Fox was formed in 1935 through the merger of Twentieth Century Pictures and Fox Films.

The film studio has released a ton of world famous and grossing films in the history of Hollywood. «star Wars», «Sounds of music», «Toughie» and «Alone at home» filmed in the pavilions of the movie giant. Logo, and soundtrack theme have become synonymous with going to the cinema for many inhabitants of the planet.

Under the auspices of 20th Century Fox Television hit shows such as «The Simpsons» and «American family».