Russian citizen arrested in the United States for preparing a cyberattack on Tesla

US, UK, and Holland fighting back against Russia’s cyber attacks

Russian citizen arrested in the United States for preparing a cyberattack on TeslaRussian citizen arrested in the United States for preparing a cyberattack on Tesla

Elon Musk confirmed that Tesla plant in Nevada became the target of an impending cyber attack.

Elon Musk said on Thursday that Tesla Inc. in Nevada became a target «serious» cyberattacks. Thus, he confirmed the media report, which claimed that a company employee helped the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI, FBI) ​​to prevent the crime..

The Teslarati news website said the electric vehicle maker is an unnamed company named in a U.S. Department of Justice statement that a Russian citizen was arrested in connection with a planned sabotage of an industrial facility..

«It was a serious attack», – so Musk commented on the tweet on Teslarati’s article.

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On August 22, the FBI arrested in Los Angeles a 27-year-old Russian citizen named Egor Igorevich Kryuchkov. This man was found guilty of trying to steal millions of dollars of information with malware at Tesla’s Nevada factory that makes batteries for Tesla cars..

An FBI investigation reveals that Kryuchkov arrived in the United States in July on a tourist visa and contacted a Russian-speaking Tesla employee working at a plant in Nevada..

In July, Kryuchkov met several times with an employee, whose name was not disclosed, and at one of these meetings he offered him money so that he could implement a special program into Tesla’s internal computer system to extract company data..

The employee agreed to help, but immediately after the meeting reported it to Tesla’s security service. The company then contacted the FBI.

In August, the FBI launched a special operation with the employee, asking him to wear a bugging device and continue to meet with Kryuchkov. In August, the Russian hacker met with a Tesla employee several more times to discuss the details of the attack and the reward. The FBI learned that Kryuchkov was part of the Russian group responsible for previous cyber attacks in the United States. The FBI did not specify which companies were attacked.

Kryuchkov and the group he represented ultimately agreed to pay a Tesla employee $ 1 million to hack. He was arrested on August 22 in Los Angeles while trying to leave the territory USA.