Nokia to replace Huawei in UK 5G market

Nokia signs deal with British Telecom to replace Huawei in 5G

Nokia to replace Huawei in UK 5G market

Nokia has signed a deal with Britain’s largest mobile operator BT to supply 5G equipment. This is the first major victory under the new CEO of the Finnish company Pekka Lundmark.

The deal will make Nokia the largest equipment supplier in Foggy Albion. It’s worth noting that the agreement between the two companies was signed just months after Britain said it would ban Chinese giant Huawei from deploying 5G telecom networks on its territory..

The size of the deal was not disclosed. Nokia is known to have won 63% of the BT contract (around 11,600 transmitters), a source familiar with the matter said..

Nokia currently operates the BT network in London, the Midlands and several provincial towns, but the contract will add a number of new territories across the UK..

CEO BT Group Philip Jansen said the agreement will allow the operator to continue deploying fixed and mobile networks. He believes digital connectivity will be critical to the UK’s economic future.

China could retaliate against Nokia, Ericsson if EU bans Huawei from 5G networks: WSJ

Under the current ban, UK carriers will not be able to purchase 5G components from Huawei from the end of this year and must dispose of all of the Chinese tech giant’s equipment by 2027, opening up opportunities for Nokia and Ericsson. The Swedish company is the favorite to become BT’s second largest equipment supplier.

Nokia’s deal with BT suggests companies will work together on ecosystem project «OpenRan». It aims to standardize the hardware used in radio access networks so that one vendor can only switch to another through software, avoiding the need to reconfigure or change core hardware..

The deal will also see Nokia replace its presence Huawei on BT 2G and 4G networks.

Nokia’s share of the global radio access network (RAN) market in 2019 was 21% versus 29% for Ericsson and 31% for Huawei, according to Moody.&# 39; s.

Nokia to replace Huawei in UK 5G market

Although Nokia is winning tenders from operators around the world, it still suffered one defeat in the market. Earlier this month, the Finnish company lost the competition to Samsung Electronics under the contract for the supply of 5G equipment for Verizon.