Microsoft invests $ 1 billion in OpenAl

Microsoft invests $ 1 billion in OpenAl

Microsoft Corp. Announces Expansion of $ 1 Billion Investment with Research Company OpenAI.

According to the press release, the extended partnership with Microsoft has several parts. OpenAI will move to using the Microsoft Azure cloud exclusively to develop and run its software. Also companies will work together to create new AI systems. Microsoft will receive status «preferred partner OpenAI to commercialize new artificial intelligence technologies», which probably means integrating software securing OpenAI with Azure cloud.

Both companies have a similar vision «artificial general intelligence» (AGI) capable of real learning and understanding.

«We believe it is imperative that AGI is deployed safely and reliably and that its economic benefits are widespread», – Altman said in a statement. «We're excited about how deeply Microsoft shares this vision.».

OpenAI was originally launched by Tesla CEO Elon Musk and Y Combinator Chairman Sam Altman in December 2015. Musk co-founded OpenAI in part because he was concerned about the potential dangers of AI, describing it as «demon call». He later left the company, citing a conflict of interest with a promising AI business in Tesla..

Microsoft invests $ 1 billion in OpenAl

Since its inception, OpenAI has attracted artificial intelligence researchers to advance the training of robotic arms to perform human-like tasks..

The group also focused on the safety and social implications of AI, exploring how computers can generate realistic news stories by using not only headlines, but also warning researchers to think about how their work and algorithms could be exploited by attackers before publishing..

Both sides declined to answer Reuters questions about the terms of the deal. Earlier this year, OpenAI formed a commercial limited partnership to attract outside investment. A commercial organization is ultimately controlled by the board of a non-profit organization.