Intel fires chief engineer over broken promises

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Intel fires chief engineer over broken promisesIntel fires chief engineer over broken promises

Intel Corp chief engineer Murti Renducintala is leaving his position. This is part of a process by which a key technology block will be split into five working groups, the chipmaker said..

Intel said it will reorganize its technology, system architecture and customer group. Their new leaders will report directly to the CEO Bob Swan.

Ann Kelleher, an Intel veteran with 24 years of experience, will lead the development of technological processes with 7-nanometer and 5-nanometer chips. The company said last week that the faster 7nm technology is six months behind schedule and Intel will have to rely more on outside chipmakers to keep its products competitive..

Murthy Renduchintala, who was president of the vast group prior to its reorganization and commonly known as # 2 after Swan, joined Intel in 2015. He has been executive vice president of Qualcomm Inc and a member of the Accenture board of directors since April 2018.

The Future of Chipped Intelligence – Justin Rattner, Intel

Renuchintala was one of several key hires outside of Intel, which was known in Silicon Valley for developing and promoting talent from within. He was hired as part of a strategy to expand markets beyond the CPU segment for which the company became famous in the PC era..

Serious efforts to create modem chips for connecting smartphones to mobile data networks ended last year. Intel sold this business to Apple for $ 1 billion.

Ultimately, Renuchintala took responsibility for dramatically promoting Intel processor technology that has been battling a multi-year delay in the release of its current 10nm processor. In November, CEO Swan told investors that Intel is going to catch up with the competition with its 7nm processor in early 2021, but he was forced to scrap those plans last week due to delays..

Intel says Renducintala will step down on August 3.