Dresden Museum underwent a major robbery

Dresden Museum underwent a major robbery

Robbers smashed shop windows and stole unique jewels from the East German museum on Monday morning.

Attackers entered the Grün Hevelbe Museum in Dresden and took with them at least three sets of jewelry from the early 18th century, including diamonds and rubies, museum officials said..

CCTV footage shows two men bursting through a barred window. The alarm sounded at about 5 a.m. local time, but despite the fact that the police were on the spot within five minutes, the robbers managed to escape.

Law enforcement has set up roadblocks on access roads to highways around the city in an attempt to prevent suspects from leaving, however, the gallery’s proximity to the autobahn most likely helped the criminals escape quickly.

According to the newspaper Bild, the robbers cut off the power in advance the entire territory of the museum.

Police confirmed the area was hit by a power outage, but it’s not clear if this is related to a crime.

«Two suspects can be seen on the recordings, but this does not mean that there were no other accomplices», – said Volker Lange of the Dresden Police.

According to the director of the museum, Dirk Sindrum, invaluable damage has been done to the entire world cultural heritage..

Dutch detective Arthur Brand, who made headlines earlier this month after discovering a long-lost gold ring belonging to writer Oscar Wilde, said the items may have been stolen by people hoping to sell them..

«But the second and worst scenario is professional robbers who simply want to get their material value for items by melting gold or silver, as well as extract diamonds and sell them separately.», – he thinks.

According to experts, it is simply impossible to sell such unique, identifiable items on the open market..

Dresden Museum underwent a major robbery

The total damage is estimated at about 1 billion euros.

The collection was founded in the 18th century by Augustus the Strong and later supplemented by the King of Poland, who ordered even more luxurious jewelry as part of his rivalry with the French king Louis XIV..

One of the most famous treasures of the collection — «green diamond» at the time of the break-in was in storage at the New York Metropolitan Art Museum.