Donald Trump criticizes Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal

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Donald Trump criticizes Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal

President Trump has warned British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal will interfere with US-UK trade.

Donald Trump criticizes Boris Johnson's Brexit deal

Trump gave a telephone interview Thursday to Nigel Farage, Brexit leader and Johnson’s rival in the upcoming December 12 election..

The President said a trade deal between the US and the UK would not have been possible under the current Brexit terms that Johnson negotiated with the EU..

«We want to trade with the UK and they want to trade with us. And to be honest, this deal, according to some aspects of the deal, you can’t do that, ” Trump said in a radio show on London’s LBC station. – You cannot trade. We are unable to do a trade with the UK».

However, the British government said that under Johnson’s Brexit agreement, the UK will be removed from the EU customs area and will be free of EU rules, allowing it to enter into bilateral trade agreements with the US and other countries..

Trump’s appearance on the Farage show sends a mixed political message, as Trump and Johnson are closely related. Johnson’s left-wing rival, Jeremy Corbin, accused him of intending to withdraw the UK in August «straight into your arms» Trump. Farage Brexit party criticizes Johnson from the right, calling for a sharp split in the union, rather than reaching any agreement.

Donald Trump warns Boris Johnson Brexit deal could be ‘very tough’ | ITV News

Speaking to LBC, Trump said that without the deal, the two countries could «do many times more», than now.

The President of the United States also walked on Labor leader Jeremy Corbin, stating that he would «very bad» like prime minister. Corbin responded by accusing him of «trying to intervene» in the UK general election to hold «his friend Boris Johnson».

In August, Trump promised «very large trade» with Great Britain and predicted that leaving the EU would be tantamount to losing «anchors around the ankle».

The UK agreed on Wednesday to hold a general election on 12 December to shake up parliament and break the months-old Brexit impasse. EU extends British Brexit until 31 January.

Exports to the UK are $ 141.1 billion and imports from the country are at $ 121.2 billion, according to the Office of the US Trade Representative..