Doctors may receive awards for the fight against coronavirus

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Doctors may receive awards for the fight against coronavirusDoctors may receive awards for the fight against coronavirus

Continuously active American workers in a socially important role in the fight against the pandemic (doctors, nurses, pharmacy and grocery workers) may receive a $ 25,000 increase in their basic salary if the Democratic Party proposal is implemented.

The plan calls for the creation «COVID-19 Heroes Fund» to reward employees, retain staff, and recruit new employees. The fund will provide an increase in the remuneration of the above-mentioned professions by 25 thousand dollars by the end of 2020. Senator Chuck Schumer said that doctors, nurses, grocery workers and drivers are some of the people who will be eligible for the bonus, although the plan is expanding this list.

It’s worth noting that, potentially, all 25 thousand will go only to those whose annual income is below 200 thousand dollars. Those who receive more will receive a bonus of 5 thousand.

The foundation will also provide a one-time $ 15,000 hiring bonus for «attracting and securing» workforce to fight coronavirus. The bonus is awarded to people who will be recruited as medical or home care workers, as well as in cases of acute shortage of personnel in other socially important sectors.

Democrats’ initiative is part of the fourth coronavirus bill and must pass Republican and President approval.

Inside the fight against COVID-19

Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi stated that she would support another incentive package and would like to send more direct payments under the next bill.

Russian healthcare workers were not ignored either. At the last meeting with ministers and heads of regions Vladimir Putin pledged to provide bonuses for doctors fighting the pandemic. It is assumed that the nursing staff will receive 50 thousand rubles a month, and the junior – 25 thousand.

The President noted the importance of the efforts of all medical workers, comparing them with the military on the front line. Against this background, it was proposed to provide them with the same insurance guarantees as military personnel..

Vladimir Putin told the governors that he would provide them with flexibility of actions, but he would ask for the result to the fullest extent.