David Beckham’s company wants to conquer the global esports market through an IPO

David Beckham Gets $20 Million for Being Face of Esports Org

David Beckham’s company wants to conquer the global esports market through an IPO

The company, co-founded by David Beckham, plans to become the first esports franchise to be listed on the London Stock Exchange, taking advantage of the growing popularity of online gaming..

David Beckham's company wants to conquer the global esports market through an IPO

Guild Esports, UK owner of esports teams, confirms plans for IPO. The company said it wants to model its global sports franchise English Premier League, Nba and Nfl. It will place 40% of its shares on the open market next month and hopes to raise £ 20 million ($ 25.9 million) to expand the business..

There are a number of professional teams in eSports competing in various disciplines. Stock Exchange Listing Provided by Guild Esports «the trust of market participants and the necessary capital», to fulfill your ambitions and become one of the top ten esports franchises in the world within the next three years.

Footballer David Beckham, former player «Manchester United» and England, will use his influence and connections to promote the Guild Esports brand. He is also a co-owner of Inter Miami CF football club..

David Beckham’s Guild Esports Company Going Public Via IPO On London Stock Exchange

The popularity of esports has skyrocketed in recent years, reaching a global audience of nearly 500 million people and nearly $ 1 billion in revenue in 2019, according to gaming analyst firm Newzoo.. Certain esports events such as the 2017 League of Legends Championship attracted more viewers than Wimbledon or Tour de France.

«The growing popularity of esports has allowed several existing franchises to monetize their activities through sponsorship, retail, merchandising, broadcasts and tournaments», – said Carlton Curtis from Guild Esports.

Guild Esports hopes to do the same by working with a fan base that has grown dramatically during the pandemic as people sought new forms of home entertainment during isolation and regular sports tournaments were either suspended or held without fans..

The company plans to recruit up to 20 esports players by the end of next year. Initially, it is planned to put teams to participate in Fortnite, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Rocket League and FIFA.