China will allow foreign airlines to fly on its territory

China Allows Foreign Flights From The U.S. Even As Trump Bars Flights from China

China will allow foreign airlines to fly on its territory

China’s Aviation Administration said it would allow foreign airlines to increase their domestic and international flights from June 8.

This message was published approximately 12 hours after the administration Donald Trump issued an order the suspension of flights of Chinese passenger airlines to the United States from June 16.

It is worth noting that the Civil Aviation Administration of China did not directly refer to the actions of the United States in its statement.. New Chinese policy will allow all foreign airlines to select a destination (from a list of approved cities) for one international commercial flight per week.

If passengers on a flight test negative for coronavirus for three consecutive weeks, the airline may add another departure a week, the aviation department said. If five or more passengers test positive for the virus, the airline will be forced to suspend flights for seven days.

The list of available settlements includes 37 cities. These include Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou and Chengdu.

Foreign airlines to resume flights to China

China will allow foreign airlines to fly on its territory

Promotions Air China and Hainan Airlines fell by almost 2% in morning trading, securities China Southern traded 0.4% lower. but China Eastern shares gained about 0.5%.

All four of these airlines were mentioned in the order of the US Department of Transportation, which called for the suspension of their flights to the country. Xiamen Airlines and Sichuan Airlines were also blacklisted.

Recall that world air travel has plummeted in the past few months amid the fight against the spread of coronavirus. 

By March 12, US airlines have stopped passenger services to and from China, while Chinese carriers have retained some flights.. According to existing information, in early May, United Airlines and Delta approached the Chinese Aviation Administration with a request to resume flights. to the country in early June, but did not receive approval.

The US government’s order clearly states that the United States will not approve of Chinese charter flights, which have become an increasingly common way for Chinese citizens to return home..