Bayer faces fourth US cancer trial

Bayer faces more than 11,000 lawsuits over cancer in the U.S.

Bayer faces fourth US cancer trial

Bayer AG will face a fourth US jury on charges that its popular toxic chemical, Roundup, causes cancer, and in the hometown of Monsanto subsidiary, four plaintiffs plan to bring the case on Friday..

Bayer faces fourth US cancer trial

Lawsuits against Bayer in the United States have risen to 75,000 since the company received multi-billion dollar verdicts as three jury successively found company responsibility for the occurrence of cancer in the population. Bayer will appeal these sentences.

Bayer’s share price has fallen since its first conviction in August 2018 and the company is currently in talks with lawyers to settle the entire lawsuit..

While most of the plaintiffs ‘attorneys agreed to postpone trials pending negotiations, some chose to bring their clients’ cases to trial..

Bayer faces fourth U.S. Roundup cancer trial

The case in the Missouri District Court of the 22nd Judicial District of St. Louis is due to last several weeks, and both sides will present extensive scientific evidence through expert witnesses.

Bayer denies all claims that Roundup or glyphosate causes cancer, saying decades of independent research have shown that the world’s most widely used pesticide, weed killer, is safe for humans. It is noted that regulators around the world have approved this product.

«Ultimately, this test should weigh on science, and we remain confident in the extensive scientific database and regulatory evaluations that support our glyphosate herbicides are safe and cancer-free.», – the company says.

The case concerns the claims of Bryce Batista of Louisiana, Anne Meeks of Florida, Glen Ashelman of Pennsylvania, and Christopher Wade of St. Louis. All four were diagnosed with lymphoma, a cancer of the blood cells that the plaintiffs allege in the statement of claim is caused by Roundup..

Some legal experts argue that Bayer could benefit from a home advantage in a court in St. Louis, Monsanto’s hometown. But it is also known that juries in this city often make decisions that oblige large corporations to compensate citizens for the inflicted damage.