Barclays directors are being checked for links to Jeffrey Epstein

Barclays boss Jes Staley under investigation by FCA over Jeffrey Epstein links

Barclays directors are being tested for links to Jeffrey Epstein

UK Financial Markets Compliance Tests Barclays CEO Jesse Staley with Jeffrey Epstein, an American sex offender financier who committed suicide in prison last year.

Media reports over the past six months have indicated contact between Jes Staley and Jeffrey Epstein. According to Barclays, Staley did have a business relationship with Epstein in the past, but they have not communicated since Staley joined the UK bank in 2015..

Barclays conducted an internal investigation and concluded that Staley was fairly transparent with the company about the nature and extent of his relationship with Epstein..

As a result, the bank’s board of directors decided to unanimously propose Staley’s re-election as chief executive officer in May..

Barclays CEO Says He Was ‘Very Transparent’ About Jeffrey Epstein Relationship

«As is already known, earlier in his career, Jesse Staley established a professional relationship with Mr. Epstein. In the summer of 2019, in light of the renewed media interest in their acquaintance, Staley volunteered and timely volunteered to provide the necessary comments on this topic. He has never had any contact with Epstein since he took over as CEO of the Barclays Group in December 2015.», – the bank said in a statement.

Prior to that, the banker worked at JPMorgan for over 30 years.

The New York Times reported in July that Epstein sent Dozens of wealthy clients to Staley, which may have helped him take his career to the next level. CNBC was unable to find evidence of this.

Barclays directors are being checked for links to Jeffrey Epstein

Recall that Epstein, who had solid connections on Wall Street, as well as influential acquaintances such as British Prince Andrew, was accused of sex trafficking in teenagers. Last August, he hanged himself at the Manhattan Metropolitan Correctional Center..

Meanwhile, the British bank has published its latest results. He reports net profit of £ 2.46bn in 2019, in line with market expectations. 

It is also known that Staley’s salary will be increased from 3.36 to 5.9 million pounds per year.. UK Lender Shares Up 13.4% YoY.