American tech giants suspected of collaborating with Chinese companies

China accused UK of colluding with US over Huawei

American tech giants suspected of collaborating with Chinese companies

A report from Top10VPN claims Amazon, Microsoft and Google are among the US companies that provide various web services to Chinese firms accused of human rights abuses and blacklisted by the US.

So far, none of the three tech giants have commented on this information..

In October, some of the largest Chinese AI players were included in a list restricting their access to American technology.. This list also contains Huawei.

Washington believes the listed companies are involved in human rights abuses and abuses in China's campaign of repression, mass detentions and high-tech surveillance of members of Muslim minority groups in China's Xinjiang region. On There have been headlines in the area about their detention and re-education camps, which reportedly host an estimated 1.5 million Muslims. Beijing claims that these measures are aimed at combating extremism.

«By providing basic web services to these controversial companies, American tech giants play a role in human rights abuses around the world.», – says the report Simon Migliano, head of the research group Top10VPN.

According to Top10VPN, Amazon and Google provide web services for Dahua Technology and Hikvision. Microsoft services are used by SenseTime and Megvii, two of China's most significant AI startups.

Assessing the Rivalry Between U.S., Chinese Tech Giants

A number of other US technology companies have also been named, including authentication and website encryption companies Digicert, Lets Encrypt, Entrust and GeoTrust.. Also named Stackpath, a web content delivery service.

American tech giants suspected of collaborating with Chinese companies

Twitter and Facebook were also mentioned as content delivery network providers for Hikvision.

«Despite the efforts of the administration Donald Trump on the separation of the American and Chinese technology sectors, our research shows that, although in more limited conditions, cooperation between them remains», – said Migliano.