A group of billionaires turned out to be richer than half of the world’s inhabitants

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A group of billionaires turned out to be richer than half of the world’s inhabitants

According to the charity Oxfam, the savings of 4.6 billion people were more modest than the total savings of 2,153 world billionaires..

A group of billionaires turned out to be richer than half of the world's inhabitants

According to the results of the study, even if a person put 10 thousand dollars in a piggy bank every day, starting from the 26th century BC to the present day, he would collect only a fifth of the funds of a billionaire who was in the ranking of the five richest people on the planet..

The experts also indicated the presence «inferiority and sexism» in the current economic model. For example, the world’s top 22 wealthy people are richer than all African women combined.

Oxfam noted that nearly all billionaires – these are male representatives. In turn, women are still predominantly involved in «unpaid work», such as cleaning, doing laundry, caring for the sick or raising children.

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The authors of the study call for a change in the existing economic model. In their opinion, it should bring tangible benefits to the public, reward people for their efforts, and also stop the senseless and endless race for profit. The experts say that the instrument for the implementation of this plan is investment in national health systems, as well as the creation of a progressive scale of taxation..

Democratic Party spokeswoman Elizabeth Warren pledged to impose a wealth tax in the United States if elected, which angered a number of American billionaires.

Russian billionaire Araz Agalarov was recently struck by the low incomes of most of Russia’s residents. He believes that, having such an income, it makes no sense to talk about adequate growth of the country’s economy.. «Manufacturing will not make a significant step forward until the population has the funds to buy manufactured goods», – he thinks.  

Currently, the richest person in the world is the founder of Amazon Jeff Bezos, whose net worth is about $ 116.4 billion. Followed by Bernard Arnault, French owner LVMH. Its capital is about $ 116 billion.